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Strawberry Moon


This year, I have found June to be the first and I feel possibly best month for yielding a passionate little firework of wild strawberries. June is, after all, the first month of summer, the one that blesses this magical season with fruity, soulful desserts and full-on glowing evenings.

It was quite a few years ago that we got our wild strawberry plant, so now I don’t know exactly what variety I have, but I do remember my amazement when I first tried a strawberry from it. They are the tiniest strawberries you can envision, very cute, and of the freshest, most innocent and joyful shade of red. They basically look like true fairy fruit. Given how tiny the fruit is, the flavour was especially startling. One of these little fruits tastes like the smell of a whole bottle of the finest strawberry fragrance. Though the size of a little gem, the dazzling flavour is somehow as immense in its sweet enchantment as the midsummer moon. The little strawberry, of course, goes quickly after touching your tongue, although you want to hold onto it dearly. But what lingers is a real sense of wonder.

For what you just tasted was a sweet poem of romance and magic. What you just discovered is that the most delicious candy has grown on a plant and that a perfect perfume has been fabricated in an alchemic fruit.

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Mocha and Maple

Source: Dashing Dish

The most wonderfully delicious lip balm I have ever smelled is Crazy Rumours’ Mocha flavoured lip balm. What the nose first tingles to is the glorious froth of a milky hot chocolate, so fine and elevating that it reminds you of the complementary token chocolates you’re given by the airline when you’re above the clouds – upliftingly creamy and blissfully smooth. But it’s unusual in that although it’s a very milky, heavenly-light chocolate, it also has a gorgeous depth, like the brown shadows of a rustic room. This owes to the subtle yet rich tones of the underlying coffee, which eventually floats its way to the top and manifests as tiramisu buttercream.

Among these shades of country cream and authentic mahogany, is also the rusted gold of an autumn leaf, which I feel owes to the swirl of maple syrup that enchants the mocha. The maple syrup also adds a sweetly nutty characteristic that creates a romantically rural, half outdoorsy, half cosy feel, that allows one to envision looking out to a fresh, idyll farm peacefully punctuated with radiant apple-trees. These nutty fragments in the sea of chocolate shimmer as do stars in a sky, to the senses. The result is as dreamy as the Nutella-like praline of a Guylian sea-shell.

The mocha is not only swirled with syrup but topped with caramel, sweet and cool and sticky like an unshakable and immobilising love in the air. Sprinkled throughout are little crystal-like fragments of sea-salted toffee, which inspires the feeling of a rugged breeze that leaves the cheeks sweetly blushed. Romance and sophistication aside, this lip balm’s revoke to innocence and simplicity also makes one reminisce of salty coco pops, freshly baked brownies, and creamy chocolate smothered dinky donuts.