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A Juicy Geranium

First sight of this fabulous geranium just squeezed life into my soul. It has made its mark since early summer, presenting itself like a fluorescent sunset, which continues to persevere now at the end of August.  It is a very warm, exotic red-coral which is vibrant and reviving like a tropical paradise. The nectarine orange feeds the passionate red with sweetness and delight, but of course, its sensational hue isn’t the only thing that excites the senses.


The scent of this lush flower is full of crisp, earthy textures – ginger peel, pear skin, and peach fur. Their zest, juice and nectar are crushed into the colour of cool white opals, and their collective freshness accumulates in a grand, glistening melon cut into crystal slices and complemented by refreshingly tart and translucent gooseberries.

The aroma is like sea breeze in the way it comes over you like a wave that uplifts and transports with a lightness and sheerness reminiscent of stray sands, drifty weeds, and the dreamy breath of a sleepy ocean when the sky is a cool, calm dove-grey and the beach is blissfully empty.

In the corner of your eye though, there is still that glimmer of a lovely salmon above the sea, the pretty pastel coral glow, the sandstone chalk smudge. It’s the joyous colour of the juicy geranium that has enriched your every cell, revitalised your heart, and mesmerised your mind with its holiday haze.

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The Enormity of a Tiny Flower


Jasmine. What is it about this small, simple flower that makes it so loved around the world? Why is its fine fragrance a universally irresistible favourite?

I woke up one morning recently feeling quite under weather, and was surprised to find myself instinctively needing to rush into my garden and meditate on the scent of jasmine. I did, and then realised why this wonderful flower speaks to the hearts of so many.

The scent of jasmine is just so sincere and like the heartfelt purity of the apple fruit. Its dewy freshness gives it a magically reviving quality that soothes the sorrows and uplifts the spirits massively. Jasmine also has an undertone of enchanting woodiness which is incredibly calming and strengthening, and a muskiness which fuses with every cell and absorbs you in a halo of heavenliness.

So the enormity of this tiny flower lies in the fact its sweet perfume is a potent medicine: it lightens a heavy heart, dispels clouds in the mind, spreads a sweet smile across a salty face, and fills the soul with serenity.