Aromatic Plants

Muguet and the Moon


I have always found lily-of-the-valley to be an exceptionally cute flower with an incomparably angelic scent. The delicately sized, ornamentally shaped blooms have a strikingly thick texture, as though to emphasise the weight of their preciousness.

Their perfume comes through like divine light streaking through heavenly clouds. There’s a soft, breezy hint of frozen raspberry, that reminds me of a romantic, pink-veined sky, free and alive with passion. The scent is incredibly purifying and elevating – soapy, but in no artificial way. In fact, this clean ‘soap’ is more like dew-drops condensed into candlewax by the magical moon, allowing the enchanting, bell-like flowers to ring with an ethereal light that refreshes the senses profoundly.

It’s amazing how a flower so adorably tiny can take you so far into another dimension. But, lily-of-the-valley is not all charm and wonder. In fact, like many of the things that captivate the mind and heart, it is also deadly. The plant contains cardiac glycosides, sugar-based compounds that disrupt the contractions of the heart, and can cause it to stop. The ruby-red berries which appear after the flowering look delightful and delectable, but are also toxic.


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