Aromatic Plants

Indian Rubies and Turkish Delights


One of the joys of this summer that I miss massively are the rugosa roses that hid secretively like treasure, in the bushes against the wall of the alleyway near my house. Their beautiful colour was the deep pink of intense pleasure, and their delicious scent was of authentic Turkish delight. Yes, all Turkish delights smell of roses, but not all roses smell of Turkish delight!

For the aroma of rugosa has a distinctively confectionary touch, and not at all just sugary and rosy, vapid like a cloud of candy-floss. Instead, its deliciousness has dimension; its sweetness has soul. Like a whisper, soft hints of dark cocoa powder ruffle its pink petals, a sprinkle of cinnamon spices up the sugar rush, and a rich caramel mingles with the delicate nectar to form a loving stickiness that drizzles the royal candy.

The rugosa rose, who radiates the gorgeous hue of Indian rubies, is truly an exotic, exciting and warming flower with its embellishments of precious spice, aphrodisiac cocoa, and sun-goldened caramel.


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