Bottled Scent

A Sweet Dream of Brown and Green

Today, on a cold and grey October day, I want to celebrate a scent that is always by my side when I’m out and about no matter how harsh the wind bites or how barren the world seems to be of colour and life: ‘Sugar Crush’ hand gel by Soap & Glory, which is always in my handbag. It is a brown sugar and key lime scent which really is a sweet dream of brown and green; it evokes a vibrant, lush Earth, even when there is no sun and growth; and it evokes joyful spring days that shimmer with adorable flowers and delicate wings, even when all you can see is bare, hardened earth. With every rub into your hands, Sugar Crush releases more of its cute crystal magic, and with your freshened fingers you feel reassured that whatever you touch and do from now will take on loveliness and glow, no matter how glum your day has been or how de-energised you’ve been feeling.


The reason I am hugely fond of key lime scents such as is found in Sugar Crush, is that it’s the classic jelly-tot association smell for me, and takes me right back to radiant childhood! Lime flavoured fruit pastilles were always my favourite as they’re sweetly refreshing and softly uplifting… Lime zest is also the zingy hue that one can associate with the tranquil, expansive greenness of spring afternoons and summer picnics. Indeed, the lime in Sugar Crush is perfectly candied, but not artificially so, and reminds me of the authentic, dessert-like sweetness of key lime pie rather than being fluorescently sweet like a neon-green lollypop.

Sugar Crush’s brown sugar is like crystallised earth, concentrated with the Earth’s soulful sweetness and shimmering creativity. As it warms into your hands, the brown sugar smoothens to a lovely caramel with the golden glow of ginger zest. This caramel swirls beautifully with the lime curd in a captivating potion to bring forth the shimmer of sunshine, the crisp rustle of green foliage, and a burst of vanilla-coloured blossoms full of syrupy nectar!


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