Bottled Scent

A Handful of Blossoms

Source: enkivillage

A delightful little hand-cream that promises an uplifting touch of spring at anytime: Cath Kidston’s ‘Rose & Peony’. At its heart is a joyfully pink rose that has a refreshingly fruity fragrance reminiscent of tart red rhubarb and zingy fuzzy raspberry. This sweet, summery rose is complemented by the more crisp, cool, pastel peony.

Beautifully balancing the euphoric pinks of the scent is the earthy presence of pear, nurturing in its golden green and lovingly nectarous. Its mellow sweetness subtracts no joy but adds a dash of dusk to the day, shading the lush foliage with a tarnished green, anchoring the blushing blooms more intimately to the caring earth, and enabling a soft lavender to kiss the blue sky.

This gives a dimension of eternity to the aroma, and makes it wonderful not only for spring and summer days or nights, but also for adding some believable light into greyer autumn or winter days.



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