Aromatic Plants

Dusk Rose

D Rose

In my front garden are mesmerising roses of a soft, glowing, butter yellow. Under certain sky lights, often at dusk or dawn, tender touches of romantic raspberry reveal themselves, bringing sweet magic to the luscious blooms.

At one dusk hour, I noticed that the perfume of the roses seemed to contain the entire essence of this enchanting time of day. Its sweet fruitiness had muted from the bright, zingy facet of peach in favour of its velvety side, and mingled with the powdery veil of violet plum. These two fruits’ suggestion of coral and purple was highly reminiscent of a twilight sky. The actual sky of the moment was divine – composed of a sweet, dreamy, silvered pink; a peaceful, joyful, blushed lavender; and in the distance a deepening of soulful, shimmering salmon… I truly felt as though in the midst of a heavenly dream.


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