Aromatic Plants

The Sweet Blossom of a Virtuous Fruit

Apple Blossom

One of my favourite tree blossoms is definitely apple blossom, especially that of the golden delicious, which was flowering in my garden in spring. The blossoms have a very cute form, take on the sweet hues of raspberry ripple ice cream, and have such a precious scent.

Apple blossoms smell more florally nectarous than fruity, but the clear, light nectar does have a crisp touch of rose-gold apple, which brings an autumnal blush that sweetens the senses in a refreshing manner. Combined with the airy nectar is a pastel powderiness like the fine sugar that veils majestic Turkish delights… And this all completely reminds me of Narnia – those enchanted Turkish delights and that magical healing apple! I’d read before that apple branches are sometimes used for wands, and from my own experience, I can say that the apple tree and its flowers definitely do vibrate with a delicate magic.


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