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Wild Pansies and Colourful Skies

wild pansy

The scent of fragrant pansies is that of pure nectar. It shimmers with sunshine and brings such raw, profoundly sweet joy. The curly-petaled pansies of my garden grow in no restriction of pattern and direction, but in a passionately adventurous manner. A single inhalation feels infinitely liberating.

In fact, the pansy’s uplifting, sugar-high fragrance combined with its dancing spectrum of happy hues, transports me to beneath a multi-coloured dusk sky, and besides the expansive bank of a river so pure and reflective in its angelic dynamic. I, like the river, become limitless – in how wide my smile can stretch, and how elevated my butterfly-transformed heart can become.

The scent of a pansy, like the song of a faerie, carries one to a place paradisic and euphoric in its simplicity and purity.


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