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Chalcedony Charm

Source: Eat Like No One

One of the most dedicatedly fragrant balms I have encountered is Di Palomo’s White Grape flavour lip balm. I was delighted when I first found this in John Lewis; grape is a scent I love, and although very clean, it is a relatively unusual note to find in a lip balm.

This smells of young, green-tinged white grapes that are refreshingly tangy. The aroma is certainly bold in its sparkling freshness, rather than at all airy or watery or powdery contrary to what you might find in other fresh scents. In fact, this lip balm breaks expectations with one crystal crush of glistening clarity, as it is perfectly fruity without the defining sweetness or dessert-like appeal. This fruitiness is all about translucency, sharpness and aliveness, as opposed to coloured-in indulgence.

The flavour evokes a room of cool white marble bathed in crisp sunlight, and a garden scattered with crystallised, fragrant moisture, like the frosty dew-drops that bead long grass on a fresh spring dawn when the flowers have just opened their petals to release their fragrant breath. The essence of this lip balm is so comfortable in how free it makes you feel, but its irrepressible liveliness always insists on venturing further. It makes you want to leap towards the sky in zest. Indeed the grape of this lip balm is very cute, but full of life and light, like a joyful child.


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