Spice & Flavour

Earthen Opal

Source: Gypsy Lolita

Among the natural lip balm flavours I find most interesting is Burt’s Bees’ Coconut & Pear, as it is just like granola cereal in a lip balm. It smells delicious, wholesome, and fresh – the most ideal qualities to have in a lip balm aroma. The scent is semi-precious in its authentic earthiness and translucent fruitiness.

It evokes a burst of sunshine and honey-glazed oats, crisp coconut curls, white sultanas, and clusters of crystallised pear. The scent’s suggestion of brown coconut peelings is reminiscent of elfin tree carvings. This combined with the smooth milk of the coconut walls and the chalcedony hues of the crystal pear and sultana beads, inspires the image of an opalescent resin beautifully fossilised into the hollow of an oak.

The sweet, farmy oats contribute a romantically rustic note on the lips that endures like the memory of a cello melody, while lovely hints of crushed almonds add a sheer golden quality worthy of a smile.


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