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Smooth Toffee, Cool Mint

Serious Eats
Source: Serious Eats

One of my favourite flavours of freshness this summer is Crazy Rumours’ Mint Chocolate lip balm.

Whilst it’s called Mint Chocolate and has an image of an ice-cream on it, this balm has an undeniably strong toffee character making the aroma one of an exceptionally thick, creamy, gooey ice-cream. The chocolate chips are delicately sprinkled, and crisp with rich powdery cocoa. The mint is soft and subtle, adding a crystal sugar to the toffee and a peppermint tingle to the micro-frost of the ice-cream. The result is a magical aura of coolness that makes this ice-cream scent an unmeltable, infinitely pleasurable gourmand delight.


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