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Sweetness, Spice and Zing

This is my ultimate essence, my one ‘true’ perfume: Nutmeg & Ginger by Jo Malone. Nutmeg is one of my favourite aromas, and it is the single aroma that has the greatest affinity with my soul, as it’s earthy and magical, sweet and musky. In Nutmeg & Ginger, where nutmeg is the most distinctive note at the heart of the perfume, this spice is poeticized in the most wonderful ways: 

Nutmeg’s ‘heat’ is softened by the divinely smooth, almost creamy, quality of sacred sandalwood, while flakes of gorgeous cedarwood ensures the rich liveliness of the spice remains uncompromised. The unique, soulful sweetness of nutmeg is amplified to the max, with what I interpret as velvet coco, golden cinnamon, and just a teasing pinch of the most aromatic brown sugar. I also can’t deny a luxurious thickness that the scent has: it’s like cocoa butter, which binds the other, darker and dryer elements together, till it becomes warm and creamy like a sensual, euphoric dream.

I can’t decide whether I feel the ginger of Nutmeg & Ginger is freshly crushed or crystallised. On one hand, the ginger does add a fine spray of golden zing, which seems to float like a divine mist over the contrastingly earthy mixture of wholesome brown woods and spices. On the other hand, I can imagine this being a sweet, crystallised ginger, shining like a nugget of translucent gold within a rich dark chocolate.

Indeed, this scent is ultimately like an exquisite chocolate melting under an exotic sun: its brownness is anything but boring – profoundly sweet, warmly spiced, and deeply creamy… bathed in a golden warmth that releases its chemistry like magic.


6 thoughts on “Sweetness, Spice and Zing

  1. It seems that instead of expressing the sophisticated art of this fine scent, I have instead reduced any readers to primitive hunger! Oh dearie me.

  2. Great; does it remind you at all of chocolate also? You are absolutely right; this perfume's delicious spiciness makes it so suitable wintery festiveness. However to me nutmeg and ginger are very familiar, everyday spices and I also feel the warmth of Nutmeg & Ginger does suit summer 🙂

  3. I like Nutmeg & Ginger but usually wear it only in December: it feels like such a fitting perfume for the holiday season.

  4. Haha. I love nutmeg in pancakes, semolina, ice-cream…everything. This perfume has nutmeg complemented in the most perfect way…but I could image once more element that would add to its amazingness: hazelnut!

  5. Nutmeg is also a lovely fragrance. I use the herb in my food, but it can also be used in perfumes. Beautifully zoal you wrote this post and I almost smell the scents of my screen go 🙂

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