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Midnight Morning Glory

This flower is a pure wonder. The oxymoron of its name juxtaposing ‘midnight’ with ‘morning’ expresses how striking this romantic bloom is. Its adorable trumpet-shaped flowers proclaim magic as their ultra violet hues, which contrast against the full daylight sun in which they open, mesmerize the mind’s eye. The mystical violet is streaked with lines of shooting-star pink, which meet in the middle forming a silver star that in turn lights up the whole bloom, like a faerie’s lantern in the narrow, secretive centre. This glow draws you in, inspires your curiosity, but you are never quite able to hear the secret deep in the glowing heart of the poetry-exuding trumpet. Perhaps the bumblebees can. They are after all invited to the heart of each flower, to sip up their nectar, and carry away with them the secret soul of the flower. They buzz with their whispers, their stories, their passions – of which we as humans can only imagine.

There is nothing so enchanting to be found in the daytime as midnight morning glory: this magical flower is a true gift, perhaps from another realm where it is midnight when the flower opens in the daylight of our world. My human nose detects no scent, but perhaps there are other, finer beings that can experience the perfume of this faerie flower. It might be dreamy and powdery, or pungent and intoxicating, or sweet and sparkling… I will never know. Morning Glory belongs to the order Solanales, the same order as Angel’s Trumpet, a gorgeous, Edenic flower with an intoxicating scent and narcotic effects and that I would love to see for myself one day. Flowers of this order in general seem hypnotizing in their beauty with their magnificent colours and patterns, and stunning star-like or trumpet-resounding shapes. Another Solanale I am interested in is moonflower, a lunar hued, elfin trumpet. I used to have a moonflower perfume oil which sadly Body Shop no longer sells. The scent was as delicate, fresh, and magical as a finger of the soft silver moonlight stroking your cheek through the curtain’s edge in pure darkness. The appearance of midnight morning glory in the shadows of a brickened climber evokes a similar sense of wonder.

This is why I felt truly lucky when one morning recently, I found three bewitching sisters of morning glory singing out of the old hurricane lantern hung against the brick wall in my back garden. The sight was just delightful. The shadowiness of the corner along with the colours of the old lantern which had a classic, fairground feel, enriched the morning glories’ breath with even more mystery and excitement.

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