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Lavender Grapefruit Dusk & Dawn Pressé

After a longed-out, disappointing and lethargic morning, I received some hopeful inspiration from the grapefruit I found sitting near the back of my fridge. A few days old, I’d forgotten about it, and by now this grand fruit had matured beautifully, with its great pores exhaling a sparkling, magical breath. I felt the need to use it for some aromatic project. A little earlier I had been eating some rosemary crackers which recently I’ve been loving. I have always loved the smell of rosemary herb; it is just beautifully fresh, and each time I taste it in my crackers I feel inspired by its unique sweetness which I imagine would be charming with so many different flavours. Now it occurred to me that rosemary would be stunning with grapefruit. Rosemary has a natural-yogurt like tanginess that harmonizes with the bitterness of grapefruit. The two also share a very heady fresh quality and a sharp rawness, which in rosemary comes from its deep green lushness, and in grapefruit from its radiant zest – and this lushness and zest really balance each other perfectly.

While rosemary seems the perfect natural complement to grapefruit, as if they were destined sisters transcending their botanical classes, lavender and grapefruit strike me as an amazing, bombasting combination. Lavender and grapefruit share a pleasantly pungent freshness while the profoundly dreamy character of lavender fused with the vibrant energy of grapefruit creates something euphoric. To make matters marvellous, as well as suiting grapefruit, rosemary makes a very classic complement to lavender as the two together are romantic and blissful.

The juice of pink grapefruit is the colour of a soft sunrise, while the purple hues of lavender flowers are so much like dusk. The two colours reflect the qualities of the respective flavours – one uplifting, the other calming. Stems of flowering lavender put in the grapefruit juice look wonderful and it reminds me of the two magical times of the day at opposite spectrums, dawn and dusk – which reflects how balancing this refreshing drink is. A couple of sprigs of dark rosemary in the pink-orange juice adds to the enchantment. It smells and tastes divine, healing. It likely is. As you drink it the soft lavender flowers delicately touch your nose and you become filled with peace, like a still lake in a darkening wood. This essence entwines with the grapefruit you’re drinking and which revives your every cell, like sunshine washing over clouds. The lush, romantic rosemary is always there, quiet but sure, like a faerie’s whisper among the greens. But it’s towards the end that the rosemary residue near the bottom of the glass really sparkles, a vision of glittering smoke, just before the last sip is taken and the dream vanishes.


  • One grapefruit, quartered
  • Two sprigs of rosemary
  • Three stems of flowering lavender


  1. Squeeze all the juice of the grapefruit wedges into a slim glass.
  2. Push the rosemary sprigs into the juice
  3. Arrange the lavender flowers in the glass. Smile and drink. 


2 thoughts on “Lavender Grapefruit Dusk & Dawn Pressé

  1. Hi Jennifer 🙂
    Kind of you to share this recipe. I do love the idea of rosemary in a rustic bread, and perhaps accompanied by some smoked cheese 🙂

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