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The Alchemy of Citrus

In my opinion, bottles of citrus essential oils are like nuggets of gold in aromatherapy. The ultimate goal of therapy is to result in a happier, more fulfilled person who has a better outlook on life, and while the best aromatherapy for a person would depend on the individual as well as on the specific blend, each citrus oil in itself is infused with radiance and encourages energy, hope and vigour for life. My personal favourites and my experiences with them:
Citrus sinensis, Sweet Orange
Sweet orange essence is simple and pure, uplifting and joyous. It brings out one’s inner child and takes you back to Jaffa cakes and earlier summers of soft suns. If blended with a little star anise, voila! –it smells like sweeties. Despite its childlike character, sweet orange essence is also great for enhancing the intellect as it quickens the thought processes and stimulates creativity. It also encourages positive thinking and good feelings, so helps counteract depression. While sweet orange increases one’s joy and confidence, it also encourages sensitivity and compassion towards others. In a more physical sense, sweet orange helps boost energy levels, encourages us to make healthy choices, and accept, embrace and be in touch with our bodies. It’s an all-rounder for skincare and beauty as it gently refreshes and cleans the skin, balances oil production, helps us realise we are all young, and makes skin glow.

Citrus aurantifolia, Lime

Most lime essential oil comes from what’s generally known as ‘key lime’, an apparently petite and sweet-smelling variety. I just adore lime essential oil as it literally reminds me of jelly tots and summer cheesecake (AKA key lime pie!). Like sweet orange I would describe lime essential oil as an ‘innocent’ citrus – it’s not at all sharp or tangy, just really sweet and happy, like childhood. Lime essence is beautifully refreshing and would be great in hot, humid situations as it helps control perspiration, oil production and microbial growth, as well as helping one find peace and bliss in the environment. Lime essence encourages purity of emotion, clarity of mind, and assertiveness of character. It allows us to have clear yet beautiful vision and thus helps us to see the ‘beauty of truth’. On the skin lime essential oil can be clarifying and balancing, helping with greasiness, blemishes and hyper-pigmentation.

Citrus bergamia, Bergamot

Before I smelled bergamot essential oil I really wouldn’t have been able to imagine that a citrus could smell so profound, but that’s exactly what emerald- coloured bergamot is: profoundly fresh and singular, yet amazingly, very versatile. For example, blending bergamot with lavender results in something blissfully dreamy; with lemon it is intensely fresh; and with ylang ylang bergamot smells beautifully precious. Bergamot encourages higher emotions and states like love, intuition, sensitivity, honesty, deep peace, euphoria and enlightenment: it’s a truly magical essence. It helps purify the physical being and connect to the spiritual realm. On the skin bergamot is purifying and beautifying: it’s great for clearing up grease and blemishes, helps with dullness and hyper-pigmentation, and relaxes the facial muscles so that the face takes on a blissful beauty, lit from within.


2 thoughts on “The Alchemy of Citrus

  1. Definitely – nothing to lose as like I wrote, it's versatile and I think would complement any oil collection.

  2. I am familiar with sweet orange and lime (both scents I adore) but not Bergamot. I'll have to go hunting for that one 🙂

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