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Spritz of Zing

Following my first blog post which was a summary of my thoughts on Jo Malone, one of my favourite British perfume houses, I now want to express my thoughts on some of the specific fragrances. Overall, I’d describe the character of JM scents as ‘fresh’ and ‘uplifting’. Of course, citruses are one of the most fresh and uplifting of all aroma types, and they are also very much in harmony with the current summer season. I feel that each fragrance JM categorises into her citrus group is truly full of zing and makes one feel passionate about life. They just make you feel so refreshed and joyous, like a spritz of any good perfume should, really.

Lime, Basil & Mandarin

Lime, Basil & Mandarin is gorgeously juicy and savoury, yet its combination of voluptuous citrus and dried herb maintains a status beyond what can be described as ‘mouth-watering’  or ‘delicious’, which I feel are terms too base to describe such a divine essence. For this perfume is profoundly fresh and delightfully uplifting with is supreme pairing of Caribbean lime and exotic mandarin, grounded by the authentic earthiness offered by a touch of Mediterranean herb and a hint of precious amber. Lime, Basil & Mandarin offers one a blissful taste of what it’s like to stand beneath the fruit trees of old Paradise.


Contrary to what its simplistic title and associated blob-like image might suggest, Jo Malone’s Grapefruit is so much more than a monotonous burst of radiant pomp. It’s grand, it’s complex, and its magic works on a number of levels. There are few fruits as fresh as a grapefruit and among them are the largest of all citruses. In this perfume the grapefruit’s boldness is amplified by heady rosemary and spirited camphor, while lavender and peppermint offer a blissful coolness. The uplifting essence rests on a base of lush, springy moss.


Earl Grey & Cucumber

This essence seems to be inspired by the distinctively crisp summers of England. It’s not conservative or plain like its name might suggest; but rather, pleasantly fresh and comforting, like afternoon breeze in your fully-bloomed back garden. The cucumber here takes on less of a salad-y quality; instead its wholesomely watery nuances diffuse wonderfully with the inviting steam of a cup of Earl Grey tea and its special sparkle of bergamot. A touch of tobacco brings magic to the lushness of the tea leaf and green citrus; while beeswax and vanilla musk offer hints of nectar reminiscent of fresh, delicate flowers.


2 thoughts on “Spritz of Zing

  1. You should, they are definitely worth a whiff. Haven't personally experienced Atelier Cologne scents, but after going on their website they do sound fab!

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